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Central arcade of St Nidan's

The Old Church of St Nidan, Llanidan, is a medieval(中世の,古めかしい,古風な,古くさい) church in Anglesey, Wales. The first church on the site(用地,場所,遺跡,現場,跡,用地を定める) was established in the 7th century by St Nidan, the confessor of the monastery(修道院,僧院) at Penmon, Anglesey; the oldest parts of the present structure date from the 14th century. In about 1500 a second nave was added, and an arcade(1.アーケード,通路の屋根のある商店街,2.ゲームセンター) (pictured) was built between the two naves. Between 1839 and 1843 a new church was built nearby, partly due to the cost of repairing St Nidan's. A sandstone(砂岩) chest containing bone fragments(破片,断片,かけら,小部分,断章,粉砕する,崩壊する) (which local tradition holds to be those of St Nidan) and a 13th-century font(1.洗礼盤,聖水盤,油壷,2.フォント,洗礼盤) were relocated(移転させる, 立ち退かせる,再配置する,他の場所に移る) to the new church. Much of the old church was demolished,((建物)を破壊する,取り壊す,覆す,粉砕する,平らげる) leaving part of the western end and the central arcade.(1.アーケード,通路の屋根のある商店街,2.ゲームセンター) It has been restored and is occasionally open to the public. The remaining parts of the church are a Grade II* listed building. In the 12th century, Gerald of Wales said that the church possessed a curious stone shaped like a thigh(太もも) that would always return by the next day no matter how far away it was taken. A Norman earl,(1.伯爵,2.食べた物を吐く(vomit),伯爵) he said, had chained it to a large rock and thrown it into the sea, only for the stone to return to the church by the following morning. (Full article...)

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Cigarette smuggling

A book used for cigarette smuggling((〜を)密輸する,(〜を)こっそり持ち込む,密航する,そっと持ち出す), on display at the Main Custom Office in Munich, Germany. This practice generally involves the illicit(禁制の,法的に是認されない,無免許の,もぐりの,不法の,不義の,違法の,道徳[倫理]的に認められない[許されない]) transportation(配送機関,運輸,運搬手段,運送,輸送機関,流刑) of cigarettes or cigars from one place to another with higher taxation(課税,徴税,租税,税収) on sale and consumption,(肺病,消費,消耗,破壊) and is thus a form of tax evasion(言い逃れ,回避,くぐりぬけ,脱税).

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